Well, walking across a blazing hot desert with a camel train is not for the faint-hearted I discovered.
We were a small party – Margie from Sydney, Ollie from Finland, Russell the cameleer, me and a small train of 8 very large (mostly) and very beautiful camels. The camels carried our supplies – water, food and we trekked on foot. We were very lucky to see the desert at its best as it had rained recently and even at this time of year wildflowers were peeking through the red sand. And the rippled, red sand dunes…… I loved the comfort the sand provided. Hot on the surface, especially in one of the high 30 degree temps we endured, but damp and surprisingly cool underneath. At lunchbreak after lighting a fire we would scoop out great handfuls of the stuff and lie in the soft, rejuvenating burrow we created.
There were lots of firsts for me – 1st time I have gone a week without a bath, 1st time I haven’t changed any clothes for a week, 1st time I have slept under the stars. I loved every minute of it, even though it was the toughest thing I have ever done physically and mentally – more so than walking the Camino. And I was forced to confront a few fears – a fear of spiders and other tiny creepy crawlies finding their way into my swag as I slept and of snakes lurking under the very bush I chose to hide behind as I attended to life’s necessities! I was told that snakes didn’t usually attack anything(one) that was too big to swallow but that didn’t help much! However, the closest I got to any slithery, crawly creature was to the imprints and furrows they left behind in the sand. However, stretching the boundaries does wonders for the soul – and the body, and I feel physically and mentally refreshed.


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