We enjoyed walking the Camino Frances so much we are planning to head off to Spain again & this time do the Camino Via de La Plata from Seville to Santiago de Comtpostela.
The 1000klm journey is the real challenge as I would like to walk a “Four figures hike” before I get too old.
The last time we found the bonding of perfect strangers on the Camino to be infectious & really enjoyed the kindness of the Spanish people.
There are no strangers on the Camino only friends you haven’t met yet.
All being well we will start walking on March 18 & from all the research we have done we should be able to arrive in Santiago in 40 days ( around 26 April ).
If we happen to arrive a few days earlier & we haven’t had enough then the extra 3 days out to Finisterre will be hard to resist.

Dennis & Darrell Mundle